Triadic Art Therapy with Indigenous foster families

  • involves child and caregiver in joint art-making sessions with a focus on cultural connectedness;
  • centers on the “relational values” of Indigenous culture, specifically those embraced by local First Nations people in Manitoba.
  • aims to strengthen the relationship between foster parents and foster children through culturally appropriate art therapy.
  • integrates people from their community in the healing process, such as elders.
  • is based on vast researches about dyadic art therapy and attachment theory.



Smudging Ceremony

“Smudge your head to get rid of negative thoughts, to open your mind to positive thoughts.
Smudge your eyes so that you see things in a positive way.
Smudge your mouth so that you speak in a good way, a truthful, honest and kind way.
Smudge your heart to cleanse it of any resentment and to open it to compassion and caring for others.”
This information is based on oral teachings from various elders and The Four Sacred Medicines by  Anishnawbe Health Toronto and Anishinabe 101 by The Circle of Turtle Lodge

Tzafi Weinberg

Doctoral Candidate, Registered Art Psychotherapist, Registered with the Manitoba college of Social workers, leading expert in dyadic (parent-child) art therapy and Artist. 
My specialties include working with Indigenous children and youth who have experienced major life transitions, trauma, depression, separation anxiety, and attention deficit/hyperactivity.
I am an art therapy supervisor and have experience facilitating workshops for professionals.
I have 11 years of experience working with children and adolescents as an art therapist, and 8 years of experience working with indigenous foster children.